REDcert Gold Partner of the Conference!

We are happy to announce, that REDcert became Gold Partner of the  XII conference „Transport biofuels – opportunities, threats and challenges, organized on 27-28 of September 2023.

REDcert offers certification schemes for sustainable biomass, biofuels and bioliquids (REDcert-DE and REDcert-EU) as well as sustainable agricultural raw materials for use in the food/feed industry and biomass for material purposes respectively material purposes in the chemical industry (REDcert²). REDcert’s philosophy is to support the scheme participants in the implementation of sustainability certification and offer practically oriented schemes.
Do you have different raw materials but only want a single sustainability certification scheme? REDcert has various solutions requiring only one audit which allows you to supply your raw materials to all markets.
The REDcert schemes are applicable to all economic operators in the respective value chain. REDcert’s activities related to the implementation of sustainability requirements mainly focus on Germany and Europe.

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