Elektromontaż Kraków S.A. Gold Partner of the Conference!

We are happy to announce, that Elektromontaż Kraków S.A. became Gold Partner of the  XII conference „Transport biofuels – opportunities, threats and challenges”, organized on 27-28 of September 2023.

Elektromontaż Kraków S.A. is one of the largest electrical installation companies in southern Poland, operating continuously since 1949.

Elektromontaż Kraków S.A. emerged from a transformation of a state-owned company “Elektromontaż nr 1 Kraków”. The company acts in the corporate group of PROCHEM S.A.

Elektromontaż Kraków S.A. specializes in the performance of electrical installations in all types of facilities, both industrial, public, trade, service and general buildings, as well as facilities related to environmental protection, as well as energy and road infrastructure. To ensure comprehensive and reliable service, the company assists at all stages of implementation of the contract. We help to develop a concept, find the optimal and most cost-effective technical and economic solutions, as well as offer professional technical advice, delivery and assembly of MV and LV electrical equipment and installations. Appreciating our clients we also offer technical service training and post-warranty service. With each project undertaken we aim for the highest quality of our service while implementing all necessary occupational and environmental safety measures.
Over 70 years of experience, highly qualified and experienced staff and the quality and timeliness of performed works are the company’s key assets.

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